Day Six

Today we were tourists in the city of Santo Domingo. We explored three underground caves and the oldest city in the Western hemisphere. One of the caves was featured in the movie Jurassic Park! We also stopped to get a few souvenirs. Please pray for safe travels tomorrow as we begin our journey home.

Day Five

We began our morning by watching the children from the Lighthouse School sing the national anthem of the Dominican Republic. This is something they do every morning, followed by a scripture reading and a prayer.

Today we had the privilege of working with children in Villa Altagracia. We were able to colour, face paint, blow bubbles and provide them with a snack. We were all very impacted by the joy these children showed throughout out time together.

We were also able to tour the old compound and the current water purification center in Los Alcarizzos. This is what the center will look like in Villa Altagracia.

One of the needs of the community is for a wall to be built around one of the local churches. This will ensure that no one can break into the building during the night. We helped to lay a few rows of blocks today.

Most members of the team are not ready to come home yet… can you blame them?

Day Four

Today was another full day at the job site. We were even surprised with a nice sprinkle of rain while we were working.

While driving through Villa Altagracia, we were told that many families in this community are forced to send their young daughters out into prostitution to earn money for the family to guarantee food is on the table every day. Many of theses girls and women end up working illegally in European countries like Spain and they send the money they earn back to their families.

Tomorrow we are looking forward to having the opportunity to work with some children from the local community and possibly working on a new job site.

Day Three

Today was our first full day of work. Like I said previously, we are working on tying the rebar for the roof of the water purification center. This is vital to provide clean drinking water to the local community. Many members of the community are getting sick because of the water the government provides. The government only provides the local communities with water twice a week; when the water is gone, families have no way to drink, bathe, clean or cook their food with. This center will give families a safe alternative when their water runs out.

Day Two

We started our day off with a visit to a local church. This church is one that Hope and Rob were able to work on during their previous trip in 2009. It was really interesting to see the progress that has been made since their trip. The church was in Spanish but they provided us with an interpreter and the English lyrics to the songs that they sang.

On our way back to the compound, we were able to see the impact that the Lighthouse has had on the community of Los Alcarrizos.

After lunch we enjoyed a friendly game of softball against a group of children and teens from the local community. By the first inning, they were winning by 4 runs and we never caught up.

Because they weren’t tired enough, after baseball, some members of the team decided to play a game of 4-4 basketball, while some of the others watched.

Thank you for all of your continued support. Tomorrow is our first full day of work. Please pray for safety and good weather!

Day One

We have officially spent 24 hours in the beautiful Dominican Republic. We want to start by thanking everyone for their prayers for safe travels. We had two excellent plane rides and one long, bump bus ride. We arrived on the compound at 8:30 PM yesterday and enjoyed a nice meal before spending some time in the pool.

This morning we had the opportunity to spend some time working with individuals who are learning English as their second language. We broke off into small groups and spent time interacting, singing, and playing games.

After lunch we spent some time at the job site. This week our main focus is on tying the rebar for the cement roof of the water purification center. This is a much needed investment for the community of Villa Altagracia as many of the children are becoming very sick because they are drinking the water.

Don’t worry, we’re still making sure we get some fun in!